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Welcome to The Outsights!

Here's what The Outsights is about and what you can expect to find here

From the name on the top of the page you can probably guess that The Outsights is a platform for, well, “looking out” - but what does that mean, you ask?

Putting simply, and maybe it’s naively ambitious, I want this to be a place that helps people (including myself) to broaden their horizons. And that lets us practice stepping out of our own experiences by offering fresh perspectives and discovering new ideas.

The advantages of "outsider's perspective"and diversity are well-known, so this is not exactly a new concept - but my mission here is to make finding some of those different perspectives and connecting with new ideas a little easier.

Especially in today’s world, dictated by algorithms and haunted by “fake news”, I think we can all agree that we could benefit from peeking outside our bubble every now and then, right?

This means you can expect diverse topics as well as cross-cultural knowledge, references, and experience exchanges. Also, watch out for the occasional random fun-fact that usually comes out from the rabbit holes I get myself into.

Of course, I'm not here to pretend to have all the answers - because that’s the whole point: no one does. And it could be that, in the end, this project becomes just an excuse for me to keep myself engaged and pushing my own perspectives. I’m ok with that - but it would be great if you’d join me on this journey.

And I promise you this: I’ll do my best to always be on the lookout for some cool outsights! :)


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